Internal governance and control –
specialist knowledge of relevant control frameworks


OMEO is highly experienced in supporting financial institutions to meet the required standards for internal governance and control. We are there to help you build and develop appropriate control frameworks. Examples of our work:

  • Design and implementation of control frameworks in institutions regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority
  • Critical process assessment and documentation
  • Independent audit of internal control
  • Expert support to the internal audit function
  • Testing and monitoring of key controls
  • Alignment with regulatory requirements regarding external reporting and public disclosure

Internal governance and control that works in practice

Contact Internal governance and control:
Lena Krüger
Tel: +46 70-238 38 55

“We are highly experienced in the field of internal governance and control.”

“We believe that the effectiveness of internal governance and control depends on these aspects being a natural part of day-to-day operations. We work with the client to design and execute an optimal control structure. This approach enables us to ensure we deliver solutions that work in practice.”