Finance departments and treasuries

The role of the corporate finance department and treasury has evolved beyond in-house banking and trading into an advisory function for group management and subsidiary companies. However, the core tasks of executing financial transactions, monitoring funding and liquidity and managing interest rate and currency risk remain in place.

Cash management has also evolved from liquidity forecasting, cash pools and netting to include payment factory, in-house banking and trapped cash. Changes in the regulatory framework also have an impact on businesses that are not directly under regulatory control, for instance with regard to EMIR, FATCA and SEPA.


Omeo is experienced in working closely with the treasury departments of multinational enterprises and large public sector clients.

Examples of services provided to finance departments and treasuries

  • Production of finance and risk policies for private and public sector clients
  • Evaluation of lines of responsibility in financial management for a large municipality
  • Streamlining of currency hedging process, including systems modification, for multinational company
  • Procurement of clearing brokers and modification of systems and processes for transaction reporting and clearing of OTC derivatives under EMIR
  • Treasury system upgrade including implementation of hedge accounting module
  • Identifying exposures and development of a model for monitoring and managing commodity price risk
  • Implementation of IAS 39 (with hedge accounting focus) for several large industrial companies