Viggo Hådding

+46 76 723 04 94

Viggo’s extensive finance background from a variety of industries has given him a deep understanding of how finance- and treasury units can be developed to run efficiently, and how these interact with other parts of the client’s business.

Viggo can be utilized both as a specialist/manager as well as a project manager and has an excellent ability to understand and co-operate well with people in different types of roles. Backed by his experience, he is a solid support and advisor to treasury- and finance departments, e.g. in interim roles or when establishing or restructuring a business unit. He is also adept at finance business development such as liquidity management, mapping and optimization of processes or establishing finance- and risk policies.

Viggo’s knowledge stems from both management positions as e.g. Group Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer, as well as from being a management consultant with a financial focus. He has almost 14 years of working experience from companies such as EF Education First, Apotek Hjärtat, Capio, Qliro Payment Solutions and Lantmännen.