Andreas Palmströmer

+46 70 305 97 12

Andreas is focusing on the areas risk control and compliance. He specialises on the regulations that govern the credit area and he consult on regulatory issues, both when implementing new and revised regulations and with outsourcing of control functions.

Andreas has been involved in several projects, primarily in outsourced control functions but also in several license applications. Besides the previous, he has experience from projects concerning the development and implementation of internal control documents in banks and securities companies. He has also participated in several projects concerning ICAAP and ILAAP, as well as GAP-analysis and implementation of new regulations in banking and securities firms.

Andreas has an M.Sc. in business law from Linköping University. He has a solid understanding of the financial market and several years of experience from working in financial companies, former employers are among others Niramis, Nordic Growth Market and Remium.