About us

Omeo Financial Consulting is one of Sweden’s leading management consulting firms in financial services. We have been helping businesses with project management services and specialist insight since 2002.

We believe that our clients primarily want clear and concrete results, which is why we seek to deliver the right knowledge and advice while focusing on driving forward the changes that the client’s business needs. This is our recipe for achieving lasting change that yields results.

Omeo is the Aboriginal word for mountains and reflects our three core values of stability, experience and perspective. Mountains represent permanence and stability, and climbing them requires experience and expertise. When you reach the top, you see everything around you from a new perspective.

We aim to create the best solutions for each individual client by offering stability, experience and perspective at every step in the value chain.

The idea behind Omeo

Co-founders Olle Claeson, Elizabeth Kihlbom and Patrik Bernhard

“We founded Omeo because we felt there was a need for a small, independent player in the financial services consulting market. We saw ourselves as a resource for clients requiring highly experienced people with deep specialist knowledge of the financial services industry.

“Thirteen years on, we can safely say we got our analysis right. We have gone from three consultants to more than 20. Our clients are facing complex challenges and we are proud to be able to help them.

“It is especially gratifying for those of us who’ve been involved from the start to see that the culture that we tried to build from day one – based on experience, pragmatism and responsiveness to client needs – remains at the heart of the firm and our growth.”

Contributing to success

Carl Lindgren, Chairman

“Omeo is best described as a firm of professionals with specialist expertise in financial services. The key is that all our employees have extensive knowledge and experience of the financial services industry, as well the hallmark that all good consultants possess – the desire to help their clients succeed.

“When I step inside the Omeo office I know I will meet a group of friendly and highly intelligent people who enjoy working together. That’s all there is to it.”